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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hye all!!

It's good to be back, It's been a while yea?

Someone asked me when will I continue writing on my blog again...oh well, I'm sorry for the long delay, there has been a lot of change recently. So yeah, bear with me okay ^^,?

Here's a few...summaries I guess?

1. Final exam! Done
2. Celebrity Fitness membership...expired! (Don't worry, new Gym on the way) perlu banyak work out!
3. KKR (my Church Revival meeting) = Fantastic!
4. Aunt's & buddy's convocation! Done
5. New car? (Have I told you lately?) haha
6. New pair of Levis Jeans...that'd be a week ago. haha
7. Oh yeah, one of my best galfriend got me a free Iphone, but I did paid her a few hundreds. (Guilt)
8. Visit to Kelantan...wo...reminds me of how long it had been already.
9. Workshops...yea, been to a few make-up class for sure!
10. ...etc...more to come!

Ok so....I'll be writing more later....Tunggu ya!

Cheers~ Thanks for reading my worse. =D luv ya!

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